When the tours, the adventure, the sports or the beach are over, you’ll find the Moon Hill Hostel, created to be a continuation of your experiences in Sintra.

The Moon Hill Hostel is a project born in 2011. It was a long and bumpy road from then until 2014, where we opened up and wrote this text to put on our website and to give you, our potential guest, an overview of what is behind the Hostel itself. Fortunately, we survived, and now it turned into a story to tell our sons and grandsons about.

First of all, our concept. Not that it is that much different from other hostels, but I guess it is always important to have a concept right? Well, ours is to grant our guests with all the comfort needed to really enjoy our magical villa that is Sintra. Yes, we have a really cozy room. Yes, we have a kitchen you can cook. Yes, we have a patio to relax and read. But rest assure, while there’s any ray of sunlight left, I will personally tell all of you to get up from the couch or the chair you’re sitting on and to go visit the magnificent palaces in the region (and we have many), the castle, the parks, the beaches, all that surrounds our small villa and creates this unique environment.

Secondly, our vision. We decided to create a hostel here because we really believe in the potential of Sintra, in the impact it will have on all our visitors who perhaps have already been here and are coming back, perhaps are here for the first time and will fall in love with it. And we want to be part of that experience, we want to be in those photos you see afterwards that gives you nostalgia, in those conversations you have with friends back home to tell them about your trip, in your memory. That’s what we work for everyday, all our Moon Hill Hostel staff.

So hope you’ll be looking forward to come here and visit us.
We definitely are!

The main outside contributors for the Moon Hill Hostel appearance are ADN Arquitectos and Ana Rita Soares Design. Out thanks to them for all the support and help throughout the development process!

Common Room







“Clean, central, perfect to visit the monuments.”
“The double rooms were spotless and spacious. Shared bathrooms were also clean. The reception at the check-in was friendly and very useful.”
“Nice modern hostel with a perfect location and comfortable beds.”

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